Who Should be in the Hall of Fame?

This site, as the domain and title says, is FOR ROCK AND ROLLERS (4rocknrollers!).  And as a tribute to our favorites, we were stunned to learn that many of those groups that we think should be honored, have never had a place in the Hall of Fame.

This is our reminder that these groups have played an important part of rock and roll history and should have a place in the Hall of Fame!

6. New Order

With our sixth selection we had a bit of an internal debate. We were very tempted to merge the work of Joy Division and New Order to form one entry. There is a precedent for this as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame collectively inducted Parliament and Funkadelic but unlike the aforementioned Funk outfits, New Order began when Joy Division ended and their sounds were different enough to illicit separate entries.
  • New Order
  • Peter Hook
  • Bernard Sumner
  • Stephen Morris
  • Gillian Gilbert
  • Phil Cunningham

    5. Jethro Tull

    With our top selection of Rush, we mentioned the lack of Progressive Rock acts in the Hall. The bulk of that genre originated in the United Kingdom and it is there where we make our next selection, Jethro Tull. However, like many other British Progressive Rock bands they are on the outside looking in.
    • Jethro Tull

      4. The Smiths

      The next group is a band that has been considered one of the most important groups of the 1980’s. Although, The Smiths were a far bigger deal in their native England than they were on the other side of the Atlantic; though finding many passionate fans of The Smiths in North America is far from difficult.
      • The Smiths
      • Morrissey
      • Johnny Marr
      • Andy Rourke
      • Mike Joyce
      • Craig Gannon

        3. Roxy Music

        We wondered aloud if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just plain forgot about our seventh selection. It is curious that with both the Velvet Underground and the Talking Heads enshrined that Roxy Music; the premier Art Rock band between them has not received a serious look for induction. Roxy Music embraced the arts like no other. Their look and style were just as important to them as their carefully constructed sleek sound. Much of the New Wave and New Romantic movement can be traced back to Roxy; in fact they may have more imitators than any other artist on this list. Following Brian Eno’s departure, their later years generated a blue eyed soul feel rather than their earlier experimental forays but regardless of which direction they went to their music was always the most carefully crafted of their era. Considering the respect held by Bryan Ferry and Brian…
        • Roxy Music
        • Bryan Ferry
        • Brian Eno
        • Phil Manzanera
        • Andy Mackay
        • Paul Thompson

          2. Kraftwerk

          Last year’s Number one selection, dropped one notch this year to number two.  The initial holder of the sardonic title of “the most deserving band or artist who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who is currently not in”, may once again top our list despite being a band with limited commercial appeal; weak North American sales; are largely unknown to most people, did not speak English as their first language and quite frankly has a remote chance at best to receive induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These German innovators may define best the Rock and Roll HOF’s induction criteria which includes “the influence and significance of the artists’ contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll”.  Wait, why did they drop from the top slot again? Emerging from the experimental “Krautrock” scene of the early 1970’s Kraftwerk embraced electronic manipulation like no other band…
          • Kraftwerk
          • Florian Schneider
          • Ralf Hütter
          • Karl Bartos
          • Wolfgang Flür
          • Michael Rother

            1. Deep Purple

            When the idea for this website was in its infancy, the first thing we did was figure out all the eligible artists who are not in the Hall. Many elicited a surprised reaction that they were not enshrined, but Deep Purple received the biggest “they aren’t in yet?” reaction from us. As we discussed the idea of this site with others, Deep Purple’s omission continued to get the most surprised reaction. Considering that budding musicians still cut their teeth to “Smoke on the Water” it is easy to understand why people feel that way about Deep Purple. Probably more than any other band on this list, they just “feel” like they belong in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
            • Deep Purple
            • Ritchie Blackmore
            • Ian Gillan
            • Jon Lord
            • Ian Paice
            • Glenn Hughes