Who Should be in the Hall of Fame?

This site, as the domain and title says, is FOR ROCK AND ROLLERS (4rocknrollers!).  And as a tribute to our favorites, we were stunned to learn that many of those groups that we think should be honored, have never had a place in the Hall of Fame.

This is our reminder that these groups have played an important part of rock and roll history and should have a place in the Hall of Fame!

60. Jane’s Addiction

If you were to ask many music fans in 1990 or 1991 which band truly defined “Alternative” many would point to Jane’s Addiction. With a funky hybrid of Metal, Punk and Folk the provocative band took the music world by storm in the late 80’s.
  • Janes Addiction

    81. George Michael

    Usually when collaborations break up one party becomes more successful than the other. There may be no case of wider musical disparity than when George Michael and Andrew Ridgely dissolved Wham.
    • George Michael

      19. Pixies

      When the Alternative scene exploded into the mainstream many pointed to Seattle as the origin of it all. Funny, how many of those bands pointed back East to the Pixies as the group who was really responsible.
      • Pixies
      • Black Francis
      • Kim Deal
      • Joey Santiago
      • Dave Lovering

        12. N.W.A.

        Considered one of the pioneers of Gangsta Rap, N.W.A. was not just among the first of their kind, they might just be considered the best.
        • NWA
        • EazyE
        • Ice Cube
        • Dr Dre
        • MC Ren
        • Snoop Dogg

          251. Johnny “Guitar” Watson

          The original “gangster of love” may have had the most versatile axe careers of all the guitarists on this list. Johnny “Guitar” Watson was a Blues star in the 50’s and easily one of the masters of the Stratocaster. Watson switched off to become a Funk specialist in the 70’s, which showed off his range and ability. The amount of guitarists (Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Miller and Sly Stone for example) who claimed to have learned or borrowed from Watson is a long one indeed. What hurts Watson for induction is as acclaimed as he was in music circles, he too often drifted out of the spotlight and he just isn’t known as much as he probably should be.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1982   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Houston, TX)   Nominated In: Never   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Gangster of Love (1957)…
          • Johnny Guitar Watson

            250. Teenage Fanclub

            250. Teenage Fanclub
            Pigeonholing Teenage Fanclub as a band that just simply ushered in the Power Pop revival seems easy to do.  Of course it was just a fraction of what this band was about as their infectious brand of Alternative music was drawing from multiple influences.  Throughout their career, Teenage Fanclub was beloved by the critics, but their appeal never seemed to get past underground status.  As such, an induction for this very good (but barely heard of) band seems unlikely at this stage upon eligibility.  The Bullet Points: Eligible Since: The 2015 Vote Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Bellshill, Scotland) Why They Will Get In: Critical darlings always have a shot. Why They Won’t Get In: They don’t have the American success that is necessary for this Hall. Nominated In: Never Essential Albums: The King (1991) Bandwagonesque (1991) Thirteen (1993) Grand Prix (1995) Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each…
            • Teenage Fanclub

              249. Gang Starr

              249. Gang Starr
              Considered one of the more influential Hip Hop duos of the early 90’s, the East Coast rap pair of Gang Stare perfected the blend of New Jack Swing and Rap. They were masters of creating beats and combing them with socially aware lyrics. Because their skills were so bountiful, they often collaborated with other artists due to their high demand. This rendered their own work to be somewhat limited, but what they did do was brilliant. Their chances for the Hall of Fame though will likely depend on how many of the other influential Hip Hop acts get in before them. The Bullet Points: Eligible Since: 2014 Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Boston, MA) Why They Will Get In: What they did accomplish was brilliant. Why They Won’t Get In: They are not in the front of the line of influential Rap acts looking to get in. Nominated In: Never Essential…
              • Gang Starr

                248. Bachman-Turner Overdrive

                With selections on this list (and within the actual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself) we can hear people moan about how their just isn’t enough “real” Rock and Roll bands listed. We have a feeling that those who feel that way would have no issue if Bachman-Turner Overdrive were to find itself in the Hall.   As the 70’s saw Progressive Rock emerge and the beginnings of Disco begin, many bemoaned the lack of a straight up basic Rock and Roll band. The Canadian group; BTO were one of the few basic guitar driven groups who were able to crack radio. Their formula was a simple one of just playing “old time Rock and Roll” of which they were one of the best of the decade to do so. Despite the hits they have, our wager is that if the Hall looks toward the frozen tundra of Winnipeg…
                • BachmanTurner Overdrive
                • Randy Bachman

                  247. Bad Brains

                  Although it is often debated whether Bad Brains was the first Hardcore Punk of note, few can argue that they were among the elite. Bad Brains didn’t just play fast, they played well. They fused Punk with Reggae but really they were capable of playing any style at all. Content with their status as a cult band, Bad Brains never seemed to attempt to reach the big time, though bands they influenced (Living Colour & Fishbone for example) were able to do so on some level. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame likely won’t look their way, but chances are that someone they inspired will.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2007   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Washington D.C.)   Nominated In: Never   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: I Against I (1986)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Pay to Cum (From Bad Brains, 1982){acepolls 271}
                  • Bad Brains