Who Should be in the Hall of Fame?

This site, as the domain and title says, is FOR ROCK AND ROLLERS (4rocknrollers!).  And as a tribute to our favorites, we were stunned to learn that many of those groups that we think should be honored, have never had a place in the Hall of Fame.

This is our reminder that these groups have played an important part of rock and roll history and should have a place in the Hall of Fame!

60. Jane’s Addiction

If you were to ask many music fans in 1990 or 1991 which band truly defined “Alternative” many would point to Jane’s Addiction. With a funky hybrid of Metal, Punk and Folk the provocative band took the music world by storm in the late 80’s.
  • Janes Addiction

    81. George Michael

    Usually when collaborations break up one party becomes more successful than the other. There may be no case of wider musical disparity than when George Michael and Andrew Ridgely dissolved Wham.
    • George Michael

      19. Pixies

      When the Alternative scene exploded into the mainstream many pointed to Seattle as the origin of it all. Funny, how many of those bands pointed back East to the Pixies as the group who was really responsible.
      • Pixies
      • Black Francis
      • Kim Deal
      • Joey Santiago
      • Dave Lovering

        12. N.W.A.

        Considered one of the pioneers of Gangsta Rap, N.W.A. was not just among the first of their kind, they might just be considered the best.
        • NWA
        • EazyE
        • Ice Cube
        • Dr Dre
        • MC Ren
        • Snoop Dogg

          165. The Pointer Sisters

          On the surface, casual observers of the Pointer Sisters may view them as group who had a few catchy hits in the early 80’s. Scratch a little deeper and you find a group with longevity that was able to succeed in multiple styles.   The Pointer Sisters could very well be the chameleons of the Pop world. They have been able to be successful in genres as diverse as Pop, Disco, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, Rock and Funk. Other artists have recorded in such vast multiple genres, but nobody was able to do as effortlessly and naturally. Regardless of what style the Pointer Sisters did, it felt as if that was what they were meant to sing. These factors make the Pointer Sisters much stronger candidates than at first glance, as they can represent multiple genres in a potential induction. Throw in the fact that they had a very long…
          • The Pointer Sisters

            164. Grand Funk Railroad

            Critically despised? Check! Played very little today on Classic Rock stations? Check! Sold out arenas in their day? Check! Sold a lot of platinum records? Check! Confused? Meet the Hard Rock enigma known as Grand Funk Railroad.   In an era where a lot of music was becoming bloated and a movement was afoot to strip it down, Grand Funk Railroad seemed to appeal to neither set. At their root, they were a basic Blues Rock band that sung simple songs that appealed to a blue collar demographic. The critics despised them, but that did not stop them from selling millions of records and selling out multiple venues. Their biggest song and eventual mantra “We’re an American Band” was their greatest label and their biggest curse. To their fans they are a great American Rock band, though they did so at a time when that wasn’t necessarily cool. They have…
            • Grand Funk Railroad
            • Don Brewer
            • Mel Schacher
            • Bruce Kulick
            • Max Carl
            • Tim Cashion
            • Mark Farner
            • Craig Frost

              163. Wire

              Often the British band, Wire has been cast into the Punk genre and although they were clearly influenced by that sound there was a time that they seemed hell bent to deconstruct it.   Many bands evolve and change but few seemed to do so at the pace that Wire did in the late 70’s. Their first three albums reflected Post Punk brilliance working on the fringes of multiple genres and experimentation. Wire always stayed true to themselves. They were a band that only recorded when they felt they had something to offer which would result in periods of bountiful activity and lulls where you thought they disappeared from the face of the Earth. With a glut of Underground and Alternative acts who found them influential, there is no doubt they met the criterion on influence. However, without a hit album (their productive work sold very little in the U.K.…
              • Wire

                162. Jan & Dean

                The sixty ninth selection is a band synonymous with early 60’s surf music.  Jan & Dean was certainly a key part of that scene, though they always seemed to be in the shadow of the Beach Boys. To many, surf music was mostly fun, but lacking any real depth.  Granted, lyrics about surfing situations and partying on the beach was not going to make anyone contemplate the meaning of life.  What set Jan Berry and Dean Torrence was their rich harmonies and textured craftsmanship in which they delivered their music which was the result of being on a different production level than their contemporaries.  Their greatest musical rivals were also their close friends in the industry; The Beach Boys.   Jan & Dean influenced no less than the legendary Brian Wilson through their production values and the later Punk scene with their anti-establishment attitude.   Their music literally came to a screeching halt when Jan…
                • Jan and Dean

                  161. Poison

                  The last half of the 1980’s was very kind to Poison. They were one of the top Hair Metal bands selling out arenas world wide and dominating music television. Their music was fun party music mixed with some of the most successful power ballads of the era. Like many bands, drug abuse and infighting hampered their growth, but in the early 90’s “fun” music was not selling records anymore and Poison became synonymous with everything that was wrong with music from the 80’s. One of Poison’s biggest hits was preaching about having nothing but a good time, which was one of Rock and Roll’s original messages. They were not a deep band, but they never tried to be.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible In: 2011   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Pennsylvania)   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Open Up and Say….Ahhh! (1988)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Talk Dirty…
                  • Poison