Who Should be in the Hall of Fame?

This site, as the domain and title says, is FOR ROCK AND ROLLERS (4rocknrollers!).  And as a tribute to our favorites, we were stunned to learn that many of those groups that we think should be honored, have never had a place in the Hall of Fame.

This is our reminder that these groups have played an important part of rock and roll history and should have a place in the Hall of Fame!

60. Jane’s Addiction

If you were to ask many music fans in 1990 or 1991 which band truly defined “Alternative” many would point to Jane’s Addiction. With a funky hybrid of Metal, Punk and Folk the provocative band took the music world by storm in the late 80’s.
  • Janes Addiction

    81. George Michael

    Usually when collaborations break up one party becomes more successful than the other. There may be no case of wider musical disparity than when George Michael and Andrew Ridgely dissolved Wham.
    • George Michael

      19. Pixies

      When the Alternative scene exploded into the mainstream many pointed to Seattle as the origin of it all. Funny, how many of those bands pointed back East to the Pixies as the group who was really responsible.
      • Pixies
      • Black Francis
      • Kim Deal
      • Joey Santiago
      • Dave Lovering

        12. N.W.A.

        Considered one of the pioneers of Gangsta Rap, N.W.A. was not just among the first of their kind, they might just be considered the best.
        • NWA
        • EazyE
        • Ice Cube
        • Dr Dre
        • MC Ren
        • Snoop Dogg

          194. Melvins

          Known primarily as a band that Kurt Cobain once worshipped, Melvins were a Washington state based band that have been called by some as the true “Godfathers of Grunge”. Their music had a deliberately slow and plodding pace and their Godfather nickname does have some credence as many Grunge acts cited them as an influence. They were far from one dimensional; as they were a very experimental band whose entire catalogue shows depth. Still together, still touring and still recording, the Melvins are seemingly the last of their genre still together. Based on who they have influenced, they may have an outside shot for induction.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible In: 2011   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Aberdeen, WS)   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Houdini (1993)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Boris (From Bullhead, 1991){acepolls 611}
          • Melvins

            191. The Pogues

            With U2 already in the Rock and Roll Hall, it can be easily said that Ireland is already represented. Yet, when listening to the entire body of U2’s work, does it really scream “Irish”? Nationalism aside, there may not be a band that sounds more like they are from Ireland than the Pogues; which is a little ironic considering that they formed in London.   Led by the barely comprehensible lead singer, Shane MacGowan the Pogues sang political anthems that embraced their working class roots. Inspired by their Punk origins, the Pogues injected Punk into traditional Irish Folk music and created some of the most original music of the 1980’s. Likely because of its uniqueness, there hasn’t been any band that has come close to sounding like them since. It is unlikely that the Hall considers them worthy for induction, but ask The Pogues if they have ever given it…
            • The Pogues

              190. The The

              As much as we love to categorize musicians in certain genres, we sometimes come across an artist that just seems to defy those pigeonholes. With Matt Johnson and his continuous project, The The, the genres that they would be placed in seems to change which each passing album.   Like many British artists on this list, Matt Johnson and company found much more success in their home land than they did across the ocean. The decade of the 80’s proved to be fruitful with their dark Synth Pop efforts followed by Alternative Pop productions. Regardless of what Johnson tackled (and he tackled a lot), the music could always be counted on delivered textured material with a flavor of cynicism. The The branched out into other aspects of Multi Media, showcasing their efforts both on video and on stage. They were definitely a unique act, but as their profile is virtually…
              • The The

                189. Kid Rock

                189. Kid Rock
                It took a long time for Kid Rock’s Beastie Boy inspired Rap Metal to make him a star but when he did he never looked back.  Future efforts from the Michigan based white trash superstar showcased a lot more range than would have been originally suspected.  Kid Rock would show that he could use Country and Classic Rock influences and still have the same swagger that made him a star.  All of that may be true but Kid Rock is a love or hate kind of act, and he does have his share of detractors, possibly more than enough to keep him out of Cleveland. The Bullet Points: Previous Rank: N/A Eligible Since: The 2015 Vote Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Romeo, MI) Why He Will Get In: Kid Rock has a very diverse discography, not many can say that. Why He Won’t Get In: He is not the most respected…
                • Kid Rock

                  188. Diana Ross

                  The term “diva” is a common used term these days. Sometimes the connotation is positive, sometimes negative, but for the legend named Diana Ross (who has been called the first Pop diva) both connotations may have been accurately applied.   Diana Ross is already deservedly in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Supremes. Upon leaving that trio, Ross continued her successful ways recording chart topping albums and branching into a moderately successful film career. Continuing with Soulful music that breached into the Adult Contemporary field, Diana may have been at her best when she was among those who melded R&B and Disco in the late 70’s. Although her later work was primarily as an Adult Contemporary star, Miss Ross could be considered a worthy candidate for a second induction.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1995   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Detroit, MI)…
                  • Diana Ross