10. John Coltrane

With this selection, we approach an artist who we just couldn’t figure out where to place; or even if we should place him at all. Was John Coltrane right for the Roots and Early Influence category? We didn’t think so as his greatest success and period of influence was simultaneous with the British Invasion. Does Jazz have a viable place in the Hall? We think so, as Miles Davis is in and many a Rock genre is Jazz infused. Besides, if any Jazz great had a “Rock Star” quality, it was John Coltrane. Coltrane first came to prominence as a sideman with Miles Davis, and would later lead his own Jazz group in 1960 which released several acclaimed albums. He simultaneously became one of the genre’s most important and controversial stars. Coltrane’s work always pushed the envelope veering into Free Jazz and Avant-Garde Jazz. His music was not always understood…
  • John Coltrane

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