101. Scorpions

You didn’t think we were done with the Germans did you? We return to the “Fatherland” where we have a band (unlike our number one choice, Kraftwerk) that had true international success and is considered one of the top acts to come out of Continental Europe. We wonder if we are going to hear from some of their fans that they should be our highest ranked German band.   The Scorpions were far from overnight sensations. They were together for years before they achieved success outside of Germany and Japan. By the early 80’s they had a surprise breakthrough in the United States and they became Hard Rock superstars selling out arenas world wide. Considered Heavy Metal ambassadors, they were able to appeal to the Hair Metal crowd without losing any traditional Heavy Metal appeal. Throw in a dynamic live show and that they are sill performing today, they may…
  • Scorpions

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