11. Stevie Ray Vaughan

A few of us remembered at NIHOF when Stevie Ray Vaughan passed away in a tragic helicopter crash.  A running joke that went around was how terrible it was that Stevie Ray was dead and all the New Kids on the Block are still alive. Nearly twenty years later, his fans miss him as much as they did when he was first taken (and are still cranky that all five New Kids are still alive).  Stevie Ray Vaughan has been called the last great Blues man. That title may be a little melodramatic, but there is no doubt that he was an outstanding musician with exceptional talent who was taken away way too soon. Drawing from legendary Blues musicians of the past, Vaughan’s style was a little faster and fierier than his influences and through that he bridged Rock and Blues probably better than anyone else had before. Amazingly, he did…
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn

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