112. Badfinger

The term heir apparent is used far too often in Pop Culture. Lou Gehrig may have proved to be the rightful heir to Babe Ruth in the Yankees, but while Eric Lindros had a decent hockey career, his original nickname of the “Next One” (In reference to Wayne Gretzky’s moniker of the “The Great One”) was a title he couldn’t quite live up to. If Rock and Roll had a career equivalent it might be the band once thought to be the heir to the Beatles; Badfinger.   The comparison to the Beatles came quite naturally. Originally signed to Apple Records and with their first hit (Come and Get it) penned by Paul McCartney, it appeared as if Badfinger could pick up where the Beatles left off. The early 70’s saw them create albums that were considered to be part of the early Power Pop genre which also yielded some…
  • Badfinger

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