117. Joe Tex

How does one Rock and Roll induction chances bode when you are just as well known for a rivalry with a fellow performer (James Brown) as you are for the music you created? This is the question we pose when we look at 60’s Soul superstar, Joe Tex.   Joe Tex had a lot of uniqueness about him starting with his preaching spoken word style over Soul riffs that were considered by many the precursor to Rap. Tex was able to alter his style to create a more Funk sound in the 70’s but regardless of what style he was performing it was always in a way that could not be duplicated. Three previous nominations point to a good shot for potential induction but the Soul movement does not exactly have a lot of grass roots push to get into Cleveland.         [FilmStrip][/Filmstrip]The Bullet Points:   Eligible…
  • Joe Tex

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