119. Slade

David Bowie is already a very deserving member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and to some he is the entry representing the Glam Rock genre. Whether that is right or wrong, we can’t help think that there should be at least two, and though T-Rex is ranked much higher to us, if Slade were to get in as the second Glam Rock artist it would not be a crime.   Many Americans are not that familiar with Slade, but in their native England they were easily among the top of the Glam Rockers and one of its most commercially viable representative. Despite being pegged as a Glam Rock band, the amount of musicians who deemed them influential is countless. Their live acts could enthrall an audience to no end and though Punk was a different sound from Slade, many Punk Rock groups loved Slade for their straight…
  • Slade

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