122. Styx

If you are a baseball fan you might remember the sad tale of Bill Buckner whose solid career was completely overshadowed by the ground ball that dribbled through his legs that cost the Boston Red Sox the World Series in 1986. It is a very melodramatic analogy but a couple of us at NIHOF wondered aloud if Mr. Roboto may have been the error that overshadowed the career of Styx.   Okay, that was a reach. Granted, at the time the aforementioned song was considered a little pompous and unintentional cheesy compared to their Hard Rock efforts, but the fact remained that Styx had delivered radio staples for ten years previous. Originally, an artsy Progressive Rock band, Styx broke away from that mold with the addition of Tommy Shaw and delivered many significant Hard Rock tunes and power ballads. Styx does have a series of hits that keeps them in…
  • Styx
  • Dennis DeYoung
  • Tommy Shaw
  • James Young
  • Chuck Panozzo
  • Lawrence Gowan

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