123. Stevie Nicks

It is difficult to argue that Fleetwood Mac should not be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but what of their breakout star, Stevie Nicks? Certainly she had a successful solo career and her look was copied enough, but it is also easy to counter that her best work was in the band that first made her a star.   Just what is about Stevie Nicks that makes her so beloved? She is cited as a major influence by numerous female songwriters and she had that raspy voice that was so unique that rendered it impossible to imitate. What could help Nicks is that the Hall does strive for some type of gender equity and their really are few women rockers who could be ahead of her. If any member of Fleetwood Mac could get in twice it has to be Nicks.         [FilmStrip][/Filmstrip]The Bullet…
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