124. Foreigner

Previous entries discussed the maligned genre of “Arena Rock” which although produced many successful acts has become synonymous with soulless music devoid of any true Rock and Roll spirit. That description always seemed harsh as any band who could sell out an arena has some merit too them. Anyways, we will let some other website debate that. One of the bands with the Arena Rock tag was Foreigner whose early albums were a little better than they got credit for.   Depending on what country they were in, the name Foreigner fit, as the band was the rare combination of British and American musicians. From the late 70’s to early 80’s, Foreigner released a series of albums that sold well and which yielded numerous hits that remain Classic Rock staples today. The chances for Foreigner to get inducted are likely slim as Arena Rock has not been embraced the Hall.…
  • Foreigner

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