125. Joe Cocker

We hate using an American Idol reference but how many times does Simon and company tell the contestants after they nailed a performance that “they made the song their own”. Somehow, this just seemed like the right quote for Joe Cocker.   The gravelly voiced Cocker really did make a career out of covers and “making them his own”. In many cases, the Joe Cocker cover version surpassed the original and often you could never imagine anyone else singing those songs. Despite that iconic voice, he was able to deliver the tenderest ballads in Rock and Roll history. In concert, Cocker’s spastic motions and powerful presence elevates him (still to this day) as a must see on the concert tour. If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee can overlook that he did not write his own material (they did so with most Motown acts), than his chances for…
  • Joe Cocker

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