126. Tina Turner

Debating the merits of someone who is already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with another group is commonplace here. Debating the merits of someone who eclipsed her former act in terms of success and notoriety though not necessarily musically is a little new for us. We can’t help but feel that Tina Turner falls in to that category.   Already inducted as one half of Ike and Tina, the woman considered by some as the Queen of Rock and Roll presents a very interesting case. The music of Ike and Tina Turner was an amazing blend of R&B and Rock and as much as Tina was the perfect woman in front, a lot of the music was generated by Ike. When Tina emerged from the spousal abuse of her former husband, Tina Turner arguably had the greatest comeback in music history. Tina may not have had the…
  • Tina Turner

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