128. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

Many a band has become best known for launching a career of a lead singer who had gone on to eclipse that of his/her former group. Rufus is likely best known for introducing the world to the sultry Chaka Khan who managed to have a great career on her own. Having said that, the best way for both parties to get in to the Hall is to remember the work they did together.   Rufus & Chaka Khan has a lot going for them in terms of a potential induction. As one of the first multi ethnic groups and one of the few Funk bands to become commercially successful they should appeal to the Hall on both a critical and commercial level. Considered leaders in the Funk field and with the amount of current R&B acts who cite both Rufus & Chaka Khan as a huge influence, their chances could…
  • Rufus
  • Chaka Khan

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