131. Blood, Sweat & Tears

In most circles, Jazz is one of the most respected styles of music, so it would stand to reason that a fusion of Jazz and Rock would yield respect and success in the industry. In the case of Blood, Sweat & Tears it did not quite work out that way.   Depending on your point of view, Blood, Sweat & Tears was either among the best of the late 60’s or among the worst. As one of the first bands to truly mesh Jazz and Rock, their first album was groundbreaking work. Very quickly, dissention arose within the group and their creative leader, Al Kooper left the group. Blood, Sweat & Tears continued with a series of successful albums, but the music was more poppish and lacked the bite of the debut effort. It made the Rock and Jazz fusion look tame and though this may have helped them sell…
  • Blood Sweat and Tears

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