139. Kate Bush

Fans of Popular music often try to emulate the singing styles of their favorite performers. Kate Bush had legions of fans, but many of them probably never tried to sing like her. They knew it couldn’t be done.   Kate Bush did have an unusual singing voice which was matched by her material. She was an unlikely superstar whose literary references and broad themes seemed even more unique considering the young age in which she created them. After her initial success, Kate Bush slowly became a musical recluse which has only served to expand her myth and the collection of idealist strong females who found her influential is a bountiful and talented lot. A superstar in England, Bush did have some success in America, but it may not have been enough for her to crack the Hall who may look for an American version of the female songwriting prodigy that she was.       The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2003   Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Bexleyheath, England)   Nominated In: Never   Why She Will Get In: The lack of female representation in the Hall could work in her favor.   Why She Won’t Get In: The Hall will likely pick an American to fit that void.   Essential Albums: The Kick Inside (1978) Never for Ever (1980) The Dreaming (1982) Hounds of Love (1985)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Moving (From The Kick Inside, 1978) Wuthering Heights (From The Kick Inside, 1978) Babooshka (From Never for Ever, 1980) Running Up That Hill (From Hounds of Love, 1985) Cloudbusting (From Hounds of Love, 1985) {acepolls 153}

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