141. Public Image Ltd.

Is it wrong for us to see this band get inducted just to see what kind of letter John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) would write to the Hall next? Seriously, when our little committee got together that topic was all we could talk about for an hour. With that said, though Public Image Ltd., will never approach the legacy of Lydon’s first band, the Sex Pistols, is it possible that PIL was actually a better group than the Pistols?   Whether you agree with the above statement (and for the record, we did 3 to 2), it seemed that John Lydon probably though so. After the Sex Pistols disbanded Lydon was able to assemble a group he wanted, and rather than carry on Punk, Public Image Ltd., created a rich music that was influenced by Reggae, Pop and the ashes of the Punk sound that Lydon helped build. Critics and fans…
  • Public Image Ltd

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