142. Meat Loaf

Regardless of your career how fathomable is it to have two great accomplishments sixteen years apart with virtually nothing in between? Beyond Meat Loaf, who did that with his two Bat out of Hell Albums we can’t think of very many.   It can’t be underestimated how popular the first Bat out of Hell album was. Teaming with writer Jim Steinman, Bat out of Hell was a Teen Rock Opera that was the perfect vehicle for the booming voice of Marvin Lee Aday; best known to the world as Meat Loaf. The album combined Rock and Roll with Wagner and with Meat Loaf behind the microphone, he was able to deliver the songs in a way that could appeal to the hardest rocker and the Pavarotti set. It was not until the album’s sequel in 1993, that Meat Loaf teamed with Steinman again, and literally found his voice again. As…
  • Meat Loaf

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