142. The Human League

After the induction of Grandmaster Flash, there has been a lot of debate among music fans about whether Rap acts belong in the Hall. There really hasn’t been any debate about Synth Pop bands as without any inducted the trigger for debate has yet to begin. We here at NIHOF wonder if one of the more successful and influential bands, the Human League were to get in, whether that debate would rage as loud as the Rap one.   The Human League by no means was the first Synth Pop act, but they were unquestionably its first megastars. They took the genre to new heights and crashed it into the mainstream. Their 1981 album, Dare has been called one of the most influential albums in Pop history, and with the amount of acts that looked to copy their style and sound, it is easy to see why. Whether or not an Electronic based band cracks the Hall is still very much up in the air, but should that happen, the first group that showed you could make a lot of money selling records without guitars or drums could be the inaugural choice.       The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2003   Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Sheffield, England)   Nominated In: Never   Why They Will Get In: Should Synth Pop be celebrated they would be a good choice.   Why They Won’t Get In: There are many who consider their work devoid of any Rock and Roll.   Essential Albums: Travelogue (1980) Dare (1981) Fascination! (1983) Crash (1986)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Being Boiled (Single, 1978) Don’t You Want Me? (From Dare, 1981) Love Action (From Dare, 1981) The Sound of the Crowd (From Dare, 1981) Mirror Man (From Fascination!, 1983) {acepolls 168}

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