146. Joan Baez

This could be the most interesting case in our discussion. On the surface a Folk singer just seems out of place in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However when one looks at some of the intangibles of Joan Baez, it does not seem out of place at all.   Joan Baez was not your ordinary Folk singer. Possessing an operatic voice, Baez was the genre’s face throughout the 60’s of which she was the social conscious for a generation. She crossed over to Folk Rock and Country all while maintaining a politically charged message. Her performance at Woodstock, her association with Bob Dylan and her pioneering efforts for other women in music should have garnered at least a nomination but that has not been the case as of yet. If Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger are in, Baez should have a decent shot at some point.  …
  • Joan Baez

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