147. Billy Idol

There are many artists on this list who are easy to categorize. If you were take one look at Billy Idol, you would assume he was a Punk Rock star, and while he was initially one (with his band Generation X), musically it would be difficult to say that he was the first Punk star of the MTV generation. It would be more accurate to say he was the first star of MTV who “looked” like a Punk superstar.   After Generation X folded, Billy Idol embarked on a solo career that eclipsed expectations. Idol still looked like a Punk Rocker, but musically he was creating songs that blended Pop, Metal hooks, a touch of New Wave into a series of songs that were danceable and appealed to numerous demographics. His bad boy good looks were a natural fit for television and he had such crossover appeal that his albums…
  • Billy Idol

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