148. Jimmy Buffett

While compiling this list, non committee members asked us about out ranking and pointed out albums sales as to why our rankings made no sense to them. As often as those debates began (and will perpetually continue) we expect a series of debates based on concert attendance. If that was our factor, how many people would be higher than Jimmy Buffett?   Still a major draw on the concert circuit (and no not casinos) Jimmy Buffett’s legions of “Parrotheads” are a devoted bunch. Non fans question the devotion to a man whose mellow Rock does not seem to illicit any passion. However, to those who do consider themselves fans of Buffett, his material is the music of escapism to a laid back lifestyle of the beach bum that they wanted to be. Based on his large concert attendances, there is a large amount of people who looked to get wasted…
  • Jimmy Buffett

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