149. The “5” Royales

Once again, we are faced with a group that may not belong on this list as they may be better placed in the Early Influences category and could very well get into the Hall under that umbrella. For now we will discuss the merits of The “5” Royales, a group that may have been one of the first vital cogs in Soul music.   Recording the bulk of their material in 1952 and 1953, the “5” Royales combined Gospel music with early R&B. Their guitarist and lead songwriter; Lowman Pauling may have been one of the first true guitar stars of the Rock and Roll era. Many of their songs would be covered later and often fans were unaware of the original recordings. As one of the few stars of the early 50’s not yet in, they have not been completely forgotten by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.…
  • The 5 Royales

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