153. Tears for Fears

In earlier entries (Jan & Dean and Hall & Oates) we spoke of how successful those duos were. If we were add to a third into the discussion of the most successful duo on this list it would have to be the English pair of Roland Orzabal and Kurt Smith, best known to audiences as Tears for Fears   In looking back, it is actually a little surprising how few albums from Tears for Fears actually had. Throughout the 1980’s, the British duo achieved success with a three albums that all had a different sound to it, showcasing their musical abilities and willingness to always to try something different. Those aforementioned albums ranged from the lyrically brilliant Synth Pop (The Hurting), the catchy Pop/Rock based (Songs from the Big Chair) and the Psychedelic Soul infused (Seeds of Love). After that decade, Tears for Fears did not remain on top (Smith…
  • Tears for Fears

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