157. Ry Cooder

Even though it is a building that we have spent a lot of our time focusing on, we admit that we sometimes forget about the sidemen wing of the Hall. Having said that, we looked at the career of Ry Cooder, who we feel may have a Hall of Fame worthy career; though in which wing he belongs to throws us off a bit.   Ry Cooder is not just an amazing guitar player. Cooder is one of the most diverse guitarists ever, and it is next to impossible to imagine a style that he can’t implement. Any doubt of that statement is erased by listening to his eclectic catalogue of albums that range from Blues, Country, Tex-Mex, Soul and multiple Global influences. With unquestioned skill and acclaimed albums, Ry Cooder has an excellent shot for induction, though we wonder if he may get in as a sideman instead.  …
  • Ry Cooder

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