158. Echo & the Bunnymen

There are many themes on this list, and it is time to again explore that of British bands that achieve critical acclaim and commercial success in Europe but not so much in the United States. Considering that Echo & the Bunnymen drew a bit from the Doors, it could be considered a little puzzling that they did not become bigger in North America.   With an interesting combination of Post Punk gloom and Psychedelic, Echo & the Bunnymen were able to crack the charts and the critics’ top ten with efforts that produced a rich integration of strings and drums. As dark as the mood they invoked, there was always a sense of beauty to the music they created. Known as a solid live act, Echo & the Bunnymen are still together today, but a trip for them to Cleveland could be a long time (if ever) away.    …
  • Echo & the Bunnymen
  • Ian McCulloch
  • Glide
  • Les Pattinson
  • Pete de Freitas
  • Jake Brockman

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