159. REO Speedwagon

There is a lot to be said if you can help define a style of song. Some will call you pioneers and others may call you innovators. REO Speedwagon did get those accolades, but we have a feeling that for every person who may agree, there is likely an individual who despises the style (Power Ballads) they helped create.   REO Speedwagon became huge stars and sold out many arenas for a period of time, but they were far from overnight successes. After ten years, the band began to take shape and with there blend of Rock and ballads, REO Speedwagon found a formula that allowed them fame and success and they were constantly on the radio and selling out arenas. Their blueprint was often copied, but time has viewed them as more of commercialized Rock and they have not been blessed with a lot of musical respect in recent…
  • REO Speedwagon

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