164. Grand Funk Railroad

Critically despised? Check! Played very little today on Classic Rock stations? Check! Sold out arenas in their day? Check! Sold a lot of platinum records? Check! Confused? Meet the Hard Rock enigma known as Grand Funk Railroad.   In an era where a lot of music was becoming bloated and a movement was afoot to strip it down, Grand Funk Railroad seemed to appeal to neither set. At their root, they were a basic Blues Rock band that sung simple songs that appealed to a blue collar demographic. The critics despised them, but that did not stop them from selling millions of records and selling out multiple venues. Their biggest song and eventual mantra “We’re an American Band” was their greatest label and their biggest curse. To their fans they are a great American Rock band, though they did so at a time when that wasn’t necessarily cool. They have…
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Don Brewer
  • Mel Schacher
  • Bruce Kulick
  • Max Carl
  • Tim Cashion
  • Mark Farner
  • Craig Frost

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