165. The Pointer Sisters

On the surface, casual observers of the Pointer Sisters may view them as group who had a few catchy hits in the early 80’s. Scratch a little deeper and you find a group with longevity that was able to succeed in multiple styles.   The Pointer Sisters could very well be the chameleons of the Pop world. They have been able to be successful in genres as diverse as Pop, Disco, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, Rock and Funk. Other artists have recorded in such vast multiple genres, but nobody was able to do as effortlessly and naturally. Regardless of what style the Pointer Sisters did, it felt as if that was what they were meant to sing. These factors make the Pointer Sisters much stronger candidates than at first glance, as they can represent multiple genres in a potential induction. Throw in the fact that they had a very long…
  • The Pointer Sisters

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