165. Violent Femmes

So much of the music that made it big in the early 80’s seems so dated today. There is a constant wonder about the bands and hits that emerged from that decade that made us wonder just what the hell were we thinking? With the Violent Femmes, it might just be the opposite, as this could be the music that you could pass down generations as it doesn’t seem to have aged at all. As much as their music of the early 80’s is well known today, it actually didn’t sell that much at the time. Violent Femmes blend of Punk and Folk actually had a lot of catchy Pop hooks. Lyrically, they sang the cries of teen angst that was full of cynicism. Like many artists they reached their apex with their initial efforts, but unlike others those songs sound remarkably fresh today. They never came close to matching that success but as each generation rediscovers their music they will keep acquiring new fans though likely not enshrinement.     Bullet Points:     Eligible Since: 2007     Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Milwaukee, WI)     Why They Will Get In: They may have achieved just enough success and being American helps.     Why They Won’t Get In: There are other Post Punk bands who are ahead of them for potential induction.     Nominated In: Never     Essential Albums: Violent Femmes (1982) Hallowed Ground (1984) Why Do Birds Sing? (1991) New Times (1994)     Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Add it Up (From Violent Femmes, 1982) Kiss Off (From Violent Femmes, 1982) Blister in the Sun (From Violent Femmes, 1982) American Music (From Why Do Birds Sing?, 1991) Breakin’ Up (From New Times, 1994) {acepolls 215}

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