17. Big Star

The NIHOF Committee knew that we had would be placing many artists that achieved limited commercial success. Yet when we looked at Big Star, we just couldn’t figure out why they never did hit the mainstream. Had they achieved more than just critical acclaim, they would likely be in the Hall already.   One has to wonder if Big Star was just plain unlucky. Drawing from the melodies and harmonies from the British Invasion groups along with an American Rock edge they became the embodiment of Power Pop. Considering their influences and that their music appeared radio friendly, it is strange that they never did catch on with the public and essentially remained anonymous. Although their time as a band was brief and their record sales were dismal the 80’s saw a new batch of guitar based alternative bands (R.E.M. & The Replacements for example) that emerged citing Big Star’s work as a big influence on the music they were creating. Considered, now a cult band, the biggest question around Big Star was not why they didn’t produce more music: but why the music they put out was barely played in the first place. Had it been, they may have lived up to their moniker.        The Bullet Points:    Previous Rank: 2010: #19 Eligible Since: 1997  Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Memphis, TN)  Why They Will Get In: They meet the influence criteria which include current Hall members, R.E.M.  Why They Won’t Get In: Cult bands generally don’t have a shot. Nominated In: Never Essential Albums: #1 Record (1972) Radio City (1974) Third/Sister Lovers (1978) Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Thirteen (From #1 Record, 1972) In the Street (From #1 Record, 1972) September Gurls (From Radio City, 1974) What’s Going Ahn? (From Radio City, 1974) Kanga Roo (From Third/Sister Lovers, 1978)   www.bigstarband.com {youtube}pte3Jg-2Ax4{/youtube} {youtube}BNKSs1J38EA{/youtube} {youtube}Cn1t6l7UUPc{/youtube} {youtube}O5HU9lBRg7E{/youtube}              {acepolls 23}

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