171. The Clovers

Rock and Roll history is full of one hit wonders and if you look in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you may find one or two. One hit wonders are often laughed at, but perhaps it is much worse to be perceived as a one hit wonder than to actually be one. The Clovers may very well fall in that category.   Remembered by many for their hit; “Love Potion #9”, it is often forgotten that The Clovers had multiple hits prior to that in the earlier half of the decade. The Clovers were one of the first R&B groups to really break through and the vocal template that they created was copied by many other groups years later. Many a music historian has claimed that The Clovers are the biggest omission in the Hall, and while we may not necessarily agree with that (we considered that they…
  • The Clovers

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