173. Gary Numan

The average person might recall Gary Numan’s greatest hit, “Cars” and think of it as a quirky one hit wonder that was a flash in the pan of the New Wave era. Gary Numan’s career was actually much more than that and his contributions to the world of Electronic music may be incalculable.   Before Cars, Gary Numan was already a hit maker in England. Picking up the mantle of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno, Numan took Synth Pop to an even darker and icier place than anyone had before. Long after the casual American fan had forgotten about him, Gary Numan was still producing music, laying down a fabric that would be essential to Industrial artists who followed. Numan is still recording today and despite the inaccurate reputation in the States of being a one hit wonder, is one of the more influential figures of Synth Pop history.    …
  • Gary Numan

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