177. The Fall

We have no real belief that the Fall will get inducted into the Hall, but what if it just a way to honor the legendary John Peel by inducting one of his favorite bands? Okay, we don’t think that could happen either.   The Fall was (and still is) the vehicle for the strange Mark E. Smith whose Post Punk output was easily the most cynical music of a cynical genre. They were major stars in the underground circuit; with their abrasive in your face style and lyrics that sounded as garbled as their guitars. Their music was calculated chaos, and this list speaks often of influence and imitators, of which the Fall may have spawned as many imitators as anyone else mentioned here. Smith was uncompromising; as despite the critical and underground love heaped upon them, they were far from a mainstream success (even in England, they barely registered…
  • The Fall

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