182. Moby Grape

Many times when a band gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame critics of the group may point to members who may seem undeserving in comparison to their bandmates. Should, Moby Grape ever get inducted that will be one label that they would not have as they were known for the equal contributions of their members.   Moby Grape was known for a lot of other things too. Considered, by some as the greatest band to come out of the 60’s San Francisco scene, they were also among the most over hyped. A bizarre marketing decision (they had five songs from their debut album issued simultaneously) almost caused fans to dismiss them as hype. Fans did find that a band that on their debut album could seemingly do it all, as songs that blended Psychedelic, Blues, Rock, Jazz and Country so effortlessly that they overcame their initial…
  • MOby Grape

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