191. The Pogues

With U2 already in the Rock and Roll Hall, it can be easily said that Ireland is already represented. Yet, when listening to the entire body of U2’s work, does it really scream “Irish”? Nationalism aside, there may not be a band that sounds more like they are from Ireland than the Pogues; which is a little ironic considering that they formed in London.   Led by the barely comprehensible lead singer, Shane MacGowan the Pogues sang political anthems that embraced their working class roots. Inspired by their Punk origins, the Pogues injected Punk into traditional Irish Folk music and created some of the most original music of the 1980’s. Likely because of its uniqueness, there hasn’t been any band that has come close to sounding like them since. It is unlikely that the Hall considers them worthy for induction, but ask The Pogues if they have ever given it…
  • The Pogues

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