193. Peter Tosh

Often when a band breaks up, a breakthrough star will emerge leaving the others in his/her wake. In the case of the Wailers, Bob Marley was the artist that broke through leaving the others far behind. Had Marley not broke through to the stratosphere, could it have been possible that the solo career of Peter Tosh may have gotten more attention?   It was not that Tosh was an unknown, he was far from that. With some help from the Rolling Stones, Tosh gained American exposure as well as a taste of international stardom. Unlike Marley, Tosh was not exploring the melodies and subtleties of his beliefs. Tosh’s approach was harsh and direct. His staunch voice about his political and social beliefs won him many fans among the people and if any Reggae star was a man of his people it truly was Peter Tosh. With the induction of the second Reggae star (Jimmy Cliff) this past year, is it possible that the Peter Tosh could eventually be the third Reggae star in the Hall?         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2001   Country of Origin: Westmoreland, Jamaica   Nominated In: Never   Why He Will Get In: His association with the Stones does not hurt.   Why He Won’t Get In: Should the Hall seek another Reggae star they may wish to go with a “safer” candidate.   Essential Albums: Legalize It (1976) Equal Rights (1977) Mystic Man (1979) Mama Africa (1983)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Legalize It (From Legalize It, 1976) Till Your Well Runs Dry (From Legalize It, 1976) Stepping Razor (From Equal Rights, 1977) The Day the Dollar Die (From Mystic Man, 1979) Oh Bumbo Klaat (From Wanted Dread or Alive, 1981){acepolls 226}

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