197. The Sweet

Considered by some to be the most successful band to wear the Glam Rock label, a further look at The Sweet would see a band that went through different style changes and were precursors to genres that would come after.   Basically a Bubblegum band in its inception, Sweet would morph Bubblegum harmonies with distorted guitars. The songs were catchy, radio friendly and with a Glam Rock sound they were considered credible. After the Glam period ended, they still managed a decent run. Arguments have even been made that Sweet’s songs could be considered the blueprint for the Hair Metal of the 1980’s. That is debatable, but there is little debate that many of their singles have held up better than was likely expected. Their Hall chances are slim, but should the Hall feel that one more Glam Rock band should be in the Hall; it is possible that they…
  • The Sweet

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