198. Misfits

If you check through the list of critics top tens in the late 70’s and early 80’s you will find it littered with Punk bands. Despite the Misfits being one of the more popular Punk bands in history, critical love and the Misfits were not hand in hand.   A Punk Rock band that combined Horror Movie imagery to their hardcore attack, the Misfits could have the most diehard fan base on this list. They were the type of band that gained new fans constantly long after their initial breakup. Fans flocked to their B-Movie come to life performances and they had a legendary cult following that still is growing today. Ironically, is that unique style that has made many unable to take them seriously and as such they have been often dismissed musically.  They will be probably continue to gain new fans, but this will probably not help their…
  • Misfits

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