199. Tom Jones

The three iconic words: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll fit many acts on this list, but only Sex seems to fit our next act. It would be very tough to argue that any other artist exuded more sexuality (and still does) than our list’s first Welshman, Tom Jones. At the very least, no other artist (in the Hall or not) has had more pairs of women’s underwear thrown at them.   If you forget about his looks, you still have a man with a powerful and attention grabbing voice. Emerging from the British Invasion, Jones signature calling was his powerful baritone, one of the voices that could mesh with the over the top Pop orchestras that would back him. Amazingly, Jones was able to stretch his voice over Country, Rock, Dance or Techno, without it being a parody. Still selling out concerts world wide, there is no evidence…
  • Tom Jones

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