200. The Stone Roses

Older baseball fans may remember the 1976 season of the Detroit Tiger’s phenomenon, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych whose rookie campaign was laced with instant superstardom and a promise of a legendary career. This didn’t happen, as Fidrych was essentially done after that year and never came close to that and fans waited for a “Second Coming” that would never arrive. The career of the Stone Roses had a similar parallel as they never did come close to matching the magic they did on their debut full length album in 1989.   It may have seemed as if the Stone Roses exploded onto the scene, but it was really a slow burn to success. Like the Smiths did years earlier, the Stone Roses became the main guitar based band of England. Their brand of music echoed the Invasion bands and Metal bands of years previous. In many ways, they sounded like…
  • The Stone Roses

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