202. The Troggs

Sometimes a song is so powerful it can completely alter the Rock landscape. Some have called the Troggs cover, Wild Thing one of those songs. Some of as at NIHOF agreed if the Troggs got into the Hall based on the strength of that song, we admit that we would have a hard time disputing their logic.   Of course, the Troggs were more than just that one song. Short for “troglodyte”, the English band was aptly named as they sounded like a bunch of cavemen breaking Rock and Roll down to its most common denominator. Their brand of Frat Rock would be influential to the first wave of Proto Punk acts and to a lesser extent Proto Metal. Their run seemed so brief but their accomplishments will never be forgotten. Whether the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame remembers that brief but powerful run is still up for debate.…
  • The Troggs

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