205. Iron Butterfly

Obviously, the acts on this list had the bulk of their essential recording decades ago. Some of those songs sound as fresh today as they did then. Iron Butterfly however may not be one of those bands.   Sure, the music of Iron Butterfly had a Psychedelic flavor that probably would not get them the slightest bit of attention today from a record company, nor do many of the current generation seem to get them. But what can’t be ignored is that Iron Butterfly was a Hard Rock band when there really weren’t that many and they were one of the first to crack the mainstream on any level. Their seventeen minute epic, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was a major smash and brought Hard Rock to new audiences. Their music had Proto Metal and Pre-Progressive Rock tendencies and as mocked as they are in some circles (unjustifiably) they were a huge footnote in…
  • Iron Butterfly

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