208. Dinosaur Jr.

In the 80’s much of the Independent and Alternative scene had a synthesized feel to it. Dinosaur Jr. was a band that helped to bring back the guitar attack to the Alternative scene and prior to the Alternative explosion in the early 90’s, could have been considered one of the most important American Alternative acts of the late 80’s.   Like many Underground acts of their time, Dinosaur Jr. was heavily influenced by the Punk sound. Where others explored Electronic arrangements, Dinosaur Jr. explored the basic instrument of Rock; the guitar. With a bizarre (For Alt Rock) Classic Rock infusion, very loud guitars and an interesting use of feedback, Dinosaur Jr. had a unique sound and influenced artists in the decade that followed. Where Dinosaur Jr. faltered is they may have deviated too far (for some) towards experimental Noise Rock in later efforts and like so many bands their later…
  • Dinosaur Jr

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