212. The 13th Floor Elevators

Often the word “Psychedelic” is used when describing influences and styles in Rock and Roll music. One of the bands who helped to popularize the Psychedelic style of the music, the 13th Floor Elevators is usually forgotten in the conversation; though not by the bands that they influenced.   Originally a Garage band, the 13th Floor Elevators began experimenting (in more ways than just music) with Psychedelic music in their home state of Texas showing that the sound was not confined to San Francisco and London. Merging this new style with a Tex Mex flavor, the Elevators influenced other Garage Bands, Psychedelic Bands and blistering Blues Bands that followed. Their run was brief, and though they never really reached national prominence their legacy as the first real Acid based band made them far more influential than a brief glance would show.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible…
  • The 13th Floor Elevators

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