213. John Hiatt

The Rock and Roll world is littered with performers who peaked at their first album and never seemed to even come close to that level of success commercially or critically again. In the case of John Hiatt, it took him years to find that high water mark.   For years John Hiatt, put out albums that ranged from differing music styles. The albums were decent but did not sell particularly well. By the mid 80’s, Hiatt found success and his voice as a Roots Rock singer and quickly became known for his songwriting skills and his ability to create solid American Rock music. As many of his songs got covered and became hits, Hiatt became better known but he was still unable to top the charts. If Hiatt’s success matched his reputation, Hiatt would be in the Hall already. As it stands now, he is a wild card shot at…
  • John Hiatt

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