214. Jim Croce

What is it about Rock Stars and plane crashes? Another casualty taken just as his star was about to shine was the American Singer/Songwriter Jim Croce. In fact, had he survived it would not have been inconceivable for Croce to have emerged as the top man of his genre.   As opposed to some of the melancholy mood invoked by some of the other Singer/Songwriters of his generation, Jim Croce’s music was delivered in a more upbeat style. Even when introspective, he still had a “common man” appeal and rather than talk about changing the world, he would sing about just his little section of it. His down to earth quality would have probable helped propel him to superstardom, but his untimely death saw his greatest success occur posthumously. Needless to say, Jim Croce did not record as much as his peers, but what he did produce was impressive. If…
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