215. George Thorogood

Blues based Rockers permeate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so on the initial surface George Thorogood may seem to be a potential choice for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Throw in the fact that Blues purists tend to despise him, the picture becomes rapidly unclear.   Of all the Blues based Rock stars, George Thorogood may potentially have the biggest Rock and Roll appeal of them all. His music was basic Rock full of lunch pail work ethic and became standards in bars across America. Although the bulk of Thorogood’s recordings were the reworking of older Blues songs, his music felt like pure Rock and Roll. If the Hall goes by the Rock and Roll emotions emitted by the songs as opposed to the belief that he went against standard Blues procedure, the rebellious Rock star could get inducted.         The Bullet Points:…
  • George Thorogood

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