221. Danzig

Although we think we can make an overall case for the induction of Glenn Danzig’s overall career, we aren’t going to make travel arrangements for him to Ohio just yet. Glenn’s first great moments may have been with the Misfits, but his best work was with his self-named band, Danzig. This incarnation was able to take Danzig’s brooding nature and take it towards the Heavy Metal vein as opposed to the Punk side. The horror imagery was still there, but it took on a more sinister tone than a comical one. They had a very good start, but they never seemed to capitalize on that success, and they remain one of the more underrated acts in music history.           The Bullet Points: Eligible In: 2013 Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Lodi, NJ) Why They Will Get In: The overall body of work of Glenn Danzig would be the best shot. Why…
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