225. Herman’s Hermits

The British Invasion brought all types of Rock stars to the United States. Most of them had a look and a new sound that scared parents, but if any seemed “acceptable” it might have been the upbeat and unthreatening Herman’s Hermits.   We all know how the Beatles and the Rolling Stones dominated the charts in the 60’s but they did so along with other British acts. Like the aforementioned legends, Herman’s Hermits had a slew of hits and millions of fans. The problem was those fans were very young and they were not considered “cool”. They often did not play on their own records (except for the lead singer, Peter Noone and as new Rock genres emerged they seemed less in touch with what was going on in the world. Regardless, their melodic Pop was very good for what it was and despite its lack of “coolness” is far…
  • Hermans Hermits

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