226. The Damned

Is it possible to have a brilliant career but still somehow seem lost in the shuffle? This rhetorical question seems accurate when looking at the Damned, a Punk band that was certainly influential yet always appeared in the shadows of larger Punk bands.   As one of the leading Punk bands in the United Kingdom, the Damned was one of the first Punk bands to have any level of success. They added other elements to their rapid fire sound such as Garage and Psychedelic and with the crooning style of lead singer Dave Vanian; the Damned had a far more retro feel than their Punk brethren. Future work would see them foreshadow Gothic Rock; which helped to influence a new batch of artists. The Damned did not chart in the United States and that fact may help to keep this outfit out of the Hall.         The…
  • The Damned

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